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Brophy’s Second Weekly Blog

Hey everyone, Welcome to this weeks weekly blog! What a week it has been! Firstly I would like to announce our new member of Team Brophy… Ellen Ashfield! She will be joining the OFFICIAL team which now stands at ten people including: Ellen, Diffey, Tim, Andy, Liam, Beth, Louisa, Peter, Katie and Kate! More information available on the team page on the website!

It’s been a busy roller-coaster this week for myself and the team. First of all I’ve been looking at who should be a part of the team to reach the 12 member mark! I am really happy with everyone on board and we have got some great events coming your way soon!! It’s likely that we may add a list of names of those who have shown keen interest and support as times goes on! And of course Team Brophy came from the idea that everyone is a part of this so if your reading this I consider you part of the team already! Viewers, donators, sponsors and Team Brophy’s elite 12 people.

Sponsorship has well and truly started! We are contacting a number of potential sponsors as we speak, if you have any contacts, ask around big or small and let us know! I would also like to thank Alastair Campbell, the chairman of fundraising for Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, for his interest and contribution towards the challenge! Find out what he has to say about myself, the challenge and the team here!

Those at Astonbury may remember the huge news of a possible shoutout in-between the acts, however sadly the event organiser was too busy for this. However on this note I like to point out the rest of the Students Guild who we have spoken to on the day fully support us and spoke highly about the event, and have been very supportive towards me and the team. I’m sure when uni kicks off again they will be fully behind the events we have planned!!

Training is underway now I am based in Bedford again, it’s been hard and thinking about the challenge as I am training can be a positive and also a negative but it will all be worth it in the end! I quite like the challenge at the moment but I’m that kind of person! The main thing at the moment for me is the different styles of swimming, I can swim further and feel more relaxed with breaststroke, but due to the nature of the swim I’m working on my front crawl! The swim itself is a free style but with the waves of the sea and the time issue, the faster I go the straighter and shorter the length will be! Overall, training has well and truly started!

That’s all for now keep spreading the word about the challenge and our facebook page where you can find little updates throughout the week and check out our twitter account to see what other people have tweeted about us, most recent one so far I believe is the charity itself!!


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