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First Brophy Blog!

Hello and welcome to the first of many weekly blogs! Every week I will be post a blog to let you know how the training is going! I will also be updating you on the progress of TeamBrophy!

TeamBrophy is a group of 12 people who are currently or have been studying at Aston University in Birmingham.  All year round my team and I will be raising awareness and raising as much money as possible for Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research which covers all types of blood cancer. For more information on the charity, click… HERE!

Ok let’s get into what we are doing to raise money and awareness. In August 2012 I will attempt to swim the English Channel! This is possibly the biggest challenge around! It is often called the MT. Everest of water, 21 miles of open swimming across the English Channel which has around 600 ships going through a day!! Which also makes it the busiest shipping lane in the world. Then add on jellyfish, debris, drowning(!) and hypothermia to the list of dangers. To be official I can’t have any contact with the boat or the people on board! But my team on board are allowed to throw me a drink on the way if they don’t hit me with it!!

As well as the actual swim TeamBrophy will be doing and funding rising throughout the year!! So keep an eye out of the Facebook, justgiving and twitter accounts. (Add us!!) Also don’t miss the video blogs we shall be doing and Ben Diffey’s own video blogs are not to be missed! Oh I have also tried the game we are creating for the site, when it is released give it ago you will/should/hopefully beat my score rather easily but try to beat Diffey and Tim’s score is where the challenge lies!

I think that’s the intro done now and it’s time to let you know how the training has been going! Good potential!! Ok as this is the first blog and it’s currently 5 days from the official launch of the campaign I’ve been working like crazy like the rest of the team! But I am glad to say I have been doing some gym work mostly on the shoulders and arms but as I will be starting of my training tomorrow in the pool bright and early!! I’m currently looking into a potential business that could help me create a fitness program. Feeling great, really up for this HUGE challenge and looking forward to getting in the pool!

I want to also keep you up to date with TeamBrophy as a whole so this is what has happened so far! So far I have a group of 9 people, with 3 slots in discussion at the moment, but over the summer and beginning of September I’m sure I’ll be bringing you some news on that! We have been working hard organising ourselves, been a lot of work but is paying off! We have an amazing website and even our own game in development created by the I.T. guru that is Tim! We have a Facebook page, twitter account and our very own YouTube channel all set up! There already ideas in the pipe line from the team which is likely to start September (when university begins), but it’s all hush hush!!

The final thing is to update you on the sponsorship side of TeamBrophy; I would like to say a huge thank you to Aston Sport (Click here for more information) for their support and allowing myself to train at the swimming pool next year!! Another big thank you goes to the Aston computer society who have let us use their resources! And Aston Gaelic football club for the individual support and involvement! Lastly a big thank you to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research for their support for our event!!

That is the end of my first weekly blog! Next week I will dive in (good one there!) straight to the launch of the campaign, training and sponsorship update!! It’s also likely to be shorter, with today’s one being the long introduction!

Thanks all for now! Take a look around the site and lastly a big thank you to the team and, of course, all of you who have donated!!



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