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Brophy’s Weekly Blog Number 3!

Hey everyone and welcome to this week’s blog! It’s been a long hard week but it’s worth it!

Sponsor side of things is moving slowly but surely, as ever if you think you know a local, national or even international company that might be interested in sponsoring let us know! Expecting to announce some big news next week which I cannot wait for!

Training! Training is going well, hard but well. I’m now at the stage where I’m training before or after work which is making the days seem very long at the start of this new way of living. However overall I’m finding it ok and dare I say even enjoying it! I’ve renamed Saturday ‘Gym Day’ as there is no lane swimming on a Saturday at my local swimming pool?! But it gives me a set day to focus on the gym work.

If you’re following us on the Facebook page or twitter account you would have seen my calculations of number of laps in a swimming pool to the length of the English Channel, let’s say it’s a lot! It does hit home how hard this swim really is, even more so when I change the 21 miles into metres! However I’m still confidant I can do this ultimate challenge! Since doing the calculation I realised one thing, the length on Google is 21 miles but you swim in an “S” shape almost and the slower you go the wider the “S” shape. In reality and in line with past attempts they add on an extra mile or two on top! Now apart from a useful reality check the main reason for the calculation is for a future event planned around the Birmingham/Aston area! BUT that’s all I’m saying for now!

That leads us nicely to events and happenings! You’ll be seeing this a lot more from September onwards but in the next week or two I’ll be starting a bit of promo down in Kempston/Bedford with some lovely posters and the important donations form! I suspect the rest of the team will be doing similar also so you never know where you may see one! We have a number of events planned now along with more work in progress but we are keeping them hidden until the time is right!

Before I go I would like to point you to our sponsorship page and see all the generous and great sponsors helping myself and the team. If you haven’t already done so we have our own just giving page set up for any donations, the donations go straight to the charity, it’s easy, quick, safe  and helps save lifes!

That’s all for this week’s weekly blog! Until next week, good bye!


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