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Welcome Back To Brophy’s Blog!

It has been a while but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a lot going on, many of Team Brophy have now finished their exams and continuing our latest project!  But let’s start with some new additions to the team. We would like to introduce the following people:

Becky Sheffield – Campus Promoter

James Farrell – Social Media Officer

James Snart – Campus Promoter

Matt Neilson – Treasurer

Matt Simons – Social Media Officer

Michael Withers – R.A.G. Liaison Officer

Zohar Engelhard – Sponsorship Officer

We would like to welcome them to the team and why not get to know more about them, what they will be up to and why they decided to join the team by clicking here!

The next piece of news relates to our merchandise efforts, we now have our very own Team Brophy Wristbands available for sale from our Team and from the S.A. office in the Aston University’s Student Guild. We are also about to release our very own Aston AU Naked Calendar, available for pre-order for £5. This involves some tasteful shots of the big clubs of Aston University, who we would all like to thank for getting their kit off for charity!

Training has been hard recently with the added pressure of exams and placement interviews, however it has recently been picking up and I’m happy to say it’s going really well and improving every day. With the fantastic help of Sam Coleman we are about 4 weeks away from stepping up training to next stage. Using a professional programme, more outdoor/sea swims and structured coaching the real hard work starts now! Those of you who have been following us on twitter would be aware that last month I went for a swim in the sea to start to adapt to the cold conditions. In truth it was colder than what we expect the actual swim to be but was great experience and I have to say the end of session cold showers are appearing to benefit.

The rest of the team are working away, fresh from exams, on some big events but sadly it’s all under wraps for now! We have a few big things planned as well as a few new things in the line.

In the mean time make sure you keep on following us on, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to keep up to date with training, events and seeing the rich and famous get behind Team Brophy and Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research!

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