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Team Brophy has a visitor!

There we all were, discussing the events of the day at Team Brophy HQ, when we all heard a knock at the door! We went to open it, and low and behold there, on our doorstep, was the one and only Tatty Teddy! Obviously we all recognised him immediately from the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research site, for the work he has done for LLR, spending time with many supporters and celebrities to help raise awareness for what people are doing to help Put Childhood Leukaemia to Bed.

We had a little chat, a cup of tea, and discussed what Team Brophy is doing to help raise awareness and support for LLR. After having a chat, Tatty said how much he would love to spend a bit of time with us all, and so we said he could spend a bit of time with each team member over the week to have a little taste about what Team Brophy do!

As you might have guessed, he started off with me working on the website! Yes, the changes are all his idea, but trust me when I say that it’s rather ‘teddy-free’ compared to his first idea…

Tatty's Team Brophy Site

What the site looked like after we left Tatty to work on it.

Tatty in front of Tim's Laptop

Be sure to keep with us all week as Tatty visits different members of the team, either though the site, or keep updated on Facebook or Twitter! And remember, you can show your support for LLR and help towards putting childhood Leukaemia to bed by finding your very own Tatty Teddy, usually found hanging around M&S stores across the country!

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