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Sainsbury’s Kempston Event

As you may of already know the last two weeks I was on holiday as was Tim Long so it came down to Andy Read to keep things ticking over nicely while I was away! I got back Friday around 12:10am so it’s been a mad rush getting ready for the bag packing event we held today at Sainsbury’s Kempston.

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated Sainsbury’s for allowing us to do our event there and a special thanks goes to Andy Read, Sam Coleman and Matt Merrett who travelled down from Birmingham!! Karli Humphries and Harriet Stringer who helped me count all the money! It now comes down to the question everyone wants to know, how much did we raise so far?! Well as things stands we raised an amazing £500 pounds!!! I would again like to thank everyone who donated. On top of this I will be collecting donations from the staff at Sainsbury’s who have signed our donations form in the next day or two.  Overall we are at 5% which is a good start with a year to go. There are still plenty more bigger and if possible better events to come so why not get yourself involved!!

Thanks again,

Ben Brophy

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