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Welcome back to Brophy’s blog!

It has been very busy since my last blog. As you may remember I was on holiday until recently and did a bit of training whilst out in Egypt. However, after everyone was rushed out of the ocean due to shark fears alongside the shark attack earlier in the year you can imagine it was best to call that idea a day! Two days later and we had our first event in Kempston, Bedfordshire where we raised the profile of the charity and our fund raising efforts, as well as also managing to raise £500! Since then I’ve been working hard before my contract ran out (training also!!), I’ve been in London and Birmingham twice so a lot of travelling, and I’ve been busy working on a few things which will come to light soon! Things are moving along nicely.

Upcoming events wise we have the aquathlon on the 25th of September, “open swimming channel challenge” which will be hosted at Aston more details to be released shortly and a potential big fund raising event in Birmingham. So there’s plenty going on and lots of opportunities to get involved!

Training is going good, I have mixed things up a bit and doing more runs along with some gym work to balance training out. In September/ October ill have a professional training program in place and ill be stepping it up a gear! What some people may find hard to believe is I really can’t wait, the challenge and pushing myself to the limits is something that excites me!

This week’s blog post appears to be short and sweet and to summarise there’s a lot of things going on at the moment that we hopefully will be able to announce in the next brophy’s blog, including a new sponsor!  One last thing, due to popular demand the twitter account is up and running so you can keep up to date with what is going on as it happens!!

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