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Time and Dedication

We have been doing a lot of work on TeamBrophy recently and it has got me thinking.

It is now only about nine months until Ben takes the plunge into the cold murky waters of the English Channel to undertake his amazing, yet gruelling, challenge. Although personally I do not know what my future holds, nine months genuinely doesn’t feel very long away. Judging by how the last two year have gone for TeamBrophy, I assume the swim will be upon us in no time. Probably quicker than most of us would like to imagine.

Those of you close to me know that I am not always one for expressing my emotions. However, I must say that I have the upmost admiration for what Ben is doing. Ben has been focused on this swim for the past two years, three by the time he gets in the water, and I can’t think of anything in my life that I have committed so much to. I have supported other charities but nothing of this scale, nothing that requires so much sacrifice from one man.

I often look at professional athletes and think how much they have achieved, often so young. Then I look at Ben, a guy who by the age of 22, a few years my junior, will have swam across the channel. But more importantly, he will have raised thousands of pounds for a cause so close to his heart.

Ben is doing this for one simple, noble, reason; to stop others having to loose a loved one like he did.

Please support Ben in anyway you can and together we can help tackle Leukaemia.


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