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2013 – The Year Ahead

Welcome to the year 2013!

With 2013 finally arriving I thought it was only right to give an overview of the year ahead! It’s going to be a huge year for us and a chance to really make a difference. I have highlighted some key events and dates for this year below, so make sure you get involved!


We are currently working on a bucket collection and a bag pack to help raise awareness and much needed funds. As soon as we have a date we will be posting on our social media pages and website! Did you know if the average length of sleep is 7.5 hours a day and an average life span is 64 years old we would spend 183,538 hours sleeping, if you are able to spare just one hour to help raise money for charity this year you can make a huge difference and feel good about doing it!

  • Bucket Collection in the Birmingham city centre area – Date TBC
  • Bag Pack either in Birmingham or Bedford! – Date TBC


It is going to be a massive year for sporting events so make sure you show your support as myself and the team continue to train hard to be able to raise awareness for LLR.

  • Ben swims 5KM for the swimathon in Robinson Pool, Bedford – 27th April
  • Great Swim Series South East – 22nd June
  • Great Swim Series Manchester – 20th july
  • Ben swims the length of the English Channel, Bedford – Date TBC
  • Ben swims a 6 hour qualifier for the swim across the English Channel –  Date TBC
  • Ben swims across the English Channel starting from Dover U.K. – 27 August to the 4th September
  • Team Brophy cycles London to Paris – Date TBC

Make sure to keep any eye out on our website and facebook page for more information!

Thanks for all the support and I’m very excited about what this year entitles for us all!

Ben Brophy & The Team

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