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Update from Brophy!

Hi everyone! I thought it was time for a little update on what has been happening recently!

Firstly a BIG thanks to all who donated and helped out on the 30th of January for our bucket collection in Birmingham City Centre! 
We hit the streets on a very cold day… and I mean a VERY cold day! Everyone worked very hard and together we raised a grand total of £400.61! It was a fantastic days work and we’d like to thank everyone who donated on the day!
Team Brophy Bucket Collection
As well as the bucket collection we have started selling Team Brophy Wristbands for only £1.50 each! All the money raised goes towards LLR so be sure to go and pick one up! They are currently on sale in the S.A. office in the guild and soon at “promotional days” where you will be able to find the team in the guild selling bands. As well as this you are so far able to buy the bands off myself, Tim Long and Ellen Ashfield!

Training wise things are going pretty well, I am currently increasing my training and should have some sponsorship sorted shortly which will make training a lot easier! I am also going to be working on a programme soon to focus on what I need to fulfil my potential.

Remember to keep up with us on Twitter or Facebook for the latest views, news and updates. We also have a number of blogs coming out soon from the team giving you a behind the seen view on Team Brophy and what everyone is getting up to. We are always looking for new ideas and currently looking into future events coming up!

Thanks for all your support,


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