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Olympics, Channel Facts and Figures!

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the Olympics is on, it’s hard to get away from it at times. The Olympics are here in London and seeing our beloved Team GB winning medals, it’s hard not to feel good at the moment. Knowing just how hard all the Olympic athletes  have trained and the emotions at the end of their races/events. It’s given me an extra boost in training, picturing the end goal of the celebrations in France and back home here in England!

It’s important to remember that whether I succeed or not all the money raised will still be donated and help save lives, the ultimate goal of this whole venture. So here are a few facts and figures to put things in perspective.

  • Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research has over 50 years of experience investing in quality research.
  • If you take into account the S shape swimming style its more like 26 miles from England to France. Around 811 people have swim the English Channel since 1875. This is not a lot of people. By comparison, Mount Everest has been around climbed 2049 times.
  • 30 is the median age to swim the Channel, Ben will be 22 years old.
  • The success rate reminds 1-5
  • The average time taken is around 14 hours of none stop swimming
  • Sea temperature is likely to be around 10C
  • The swimmer may not touch the boat at any time
  • The swimmer is able to wear one pair of goggles, a swim hat and a swimming costume.

Why would you put yourself through this you may ask, for charity I would reply. That’s all for now, make sure you keep an eye out for next week’s blog as it’s a training update!


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