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Fundraising And Swimming In Quarries!

Hello everyone, welcome back to another blog from myself. Let me start off by saying thank you for all the support so far!

It’s a very exciting time here at Team Brophy at the moment, we are currently very busy with a few plans for both now and the future. We have the recent “Aston Bares All for Team Brophy” calendars on sale and the first postage batch is due to leave tonight! We have the T.B. wristbands on sale as well so make sure you check them out!

Future plans are well under way with a number of bucket collections and other fundraising ideas currently being organised. There’s a lot on at the moment with many of the team heading out on a years work placement, which has given us this planning gap which is proving to be very beneficial! Make sure you keep up to date with everything going on through our blogs, twitter and facebook!

Training is stepping up and it’s out of the pools and into some lakes as I learn a different swimming style and get use to the cold. My last outing was to a Quarry near Birmingham, it is a great place with some great views. It is also a busy diving spot and being so deep I am able to train while somewhere in the deep depths below lie a group of divers. This meant I was expecting at any time to see a diver rise from beneath me at any point. Every leaf or noticeable object that came in contact with me made me think the worst! At one point as I raced towards my marker a large amount of air bubbles started to appear and come towards the float in the same direction as me, got me a little worried that I was about to collide! However all in all a great training session and the start of regular open water swimming!

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