Ben Brophy

Update From Brophy

Hello everyone, before I get into this blog I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far. Your support has been incredible and I have been overwhelmed by the support everyone has shown me and the team. The donations that have been coming in, both recently and way back at start of my journey are really making the difference and helping Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research to one day beat all forms of blood cancers. On behalf of myself, the team and the charity itself I would like to say once again thank you.

I’m sure many of you are itching to hear my own story to the run up to the swim, the swim itself, the recovery and what’s next for me, the team and Team Brophy! Have no fear over the next coming weeks and months I will be sharing my story with you, including all the ups and downs, emotions and thoughts through what I hope to be regular blogs. Please do leave comments on what you want to hear and any questions you have!

As I write this I am currently sitting on the sofa recovering and slowly unpacking my week worth of holiday baggage which I hope explains the slight delay in this blog. I knew after the swim it would be important to recovery mentally as well as physically, where I could relax with the biggest worry being making sure I didn’t get sunburn! I will not go into too much detail as it is one of the upcoming blogs but I hope it will give you a real insight into the effects of putting your body through just under of 15 hours of relentless excise, the training and dedication done in the run up and the after effects and recovery of the challenge!

That’s all from me for now,


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Tim Long

Ben Has Completed His Channel Swim!

Ben is now a English Channel swimmer, completing his swim on the 1st September in a time of 14hrs 52mins! He will be doing a full blog post at a later date with his perspective of the swim after he’s recovered, but I thought in the mean time I would share the experience from the support boat. Timings may be slightly off, but hopefully it will get the experience across.

We started off getting the call the night before, still slightly unprepared, running around sorting out everything for the swim. This meant all of us, including Ben, didn’t get as much sleep as we should have (Ben thinks he only got 3 to 4 hours)!

It was an early start, with Ben and myself heading over to Dover at 5, meeting up with Matt Neilson and getting onto the boat around 6. We were on the Sea Leopard with Stuart Gleeson and Garry Clark, with Phil Artingstall helping out with the feeds.

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Tim Long

The Swim Live Feed – 1st September

We will be heading out at 6am on 1st September! You can track where Brophy has got up to with the map below (if you can’t see a indicator where the boat is, it’s probably in port). We will also be updating the twitter account where we can, although I understand mobile signal in the channel is a little patchy!

Data is kindly provided for informational reasons by For a larger map, click here.

You can support Ben as he swims by donating towards his chosen charity, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research, at

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Tim Long

We are heading out tomorrow!

We have just had the call and found out we are heading out tomorrow! Very exciting! Busy running around at the moment getting ready, but in the mean time you can see our final thoughts before the swim in the video below…

Also, check out the live feed all though tomorrow at

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Andy Read

Why Am I Supporting Team Brophy

If anyone wants to know why I am doing so much promo for Team Brophy at the moment, it is because I am not brave enough, dedicated enough or driven enough to spent 17 hours swimming the channel.

17 hours in dirty, freezing water. Water so cold it will make your tongue swell up. Water so rough you will almost paddle to exhaustion. Unaided for long hour after long hour. Pushing on beyond the pain, beyond where your body says stop. All driven but the memory of someone you loved so dear, someone that gives you the motivation. A desire to stop other people having to experience what you went through.

That is why I am supporting Ben, because he is doing something I simply could not contemplate achieved.

So please show your support and sponsor at

Viva le Team Brophy


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