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We’ve Reached 25% Of Our Target!

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, the current amount raised now stands at £2,540.35 for Leukaemia And Lymphoma Research, 25% of our £10,000 pounds target!

Screenshot of our current total.

Huge thanks to everyone who has had a part in reaching this milestone, especially those who donated, or helped in one of our fundraising events.

If you’ve been putting it off or waiting until it was closer to the swim, now is the time to start donating! With the swim only a week away, it would be great if we got to Dover already knowing we’ve got closer to our target.

You can also help spread the word by retweeting the tweet below, or by sharing the link on Facebook.

Thanks again everyone for the support, it’s a fantastic feeling to know all the training and hard work is making a difference to LLR, and hope to be writing another one of these soon when we get to 50%!

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